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I let my daughter’s father take her for the summer to New Orleans where he resides.  I live in Illinois.  At the time we had no custody agreement and he refused to return my daughter and sued me for custody.  I hired Kristyl Treadaway.  She had never met me and worked with em for a couple months via e-mail and phone.  Ms. Treadaway had the same passion as I did to get my daughter returned to me, she was very understanding about the emotional distress involved in custody cases and really had my back throughout the whole process.  Sometimes it is hard to trust someone else with the fate of your child in these situations but she made it easy and I would forever trust her to help me in any other situation involving my child in Louisiana


Mrs. Treadaway was a pleasure from the start! She was very patient, a good listener and able to answer all of my questions (of which there were plenty). My divorce ended up being more complicated than we initially thought but Kristyl didn’t miss a beat. She has a keen eye for detail and a great memory, which you wouldn’t think are qualities to look for in an attorney but they definitely came in handy during such a trying time. She was a great asset and always had a plan for action. I recommend her to anyone looking for guidance to help navigate this complicated and emotionally draining period; she has the clear head to keep everything on track.

-Stephanie H.

I was recommended to Kristyl by a very dear friend of mine who had such a fantastic experience I had to give her a chance! My mother had gone through a divorce prior to mine with a different lawyer from a different firm and had such a poor experience I was scarred but Kristyl immediately put my mind at ease from the moment I walked into her office. I had a very challenging divorce which included children and a husband that worked out of the country, which Kristyl happily took on and dove in head first. She was by my side the entire time, walking and talking me through each step as divorce is a very emotional process with plenty of legal lingo that I didn’t always understand. She kept her cool at every turn, was very knowledgeable and didn’t hesitate to stick up for me and what I deserved and was honest if she thought I was being unreasonable. I always liked to know what was going to happen and what would be the next step. Kristyl always kept me informed on what to expect and what was going to happen; including but not limited to the processes of paperwork and court dates. She was respectful, considerate and empathized with how difficult divorce is, whenever I would get upset or angry she was always there to give it to me straight and be level headed when I couldn’t. My mother even commented that she wished Kristyl would have been available when she got a divorce! I know that if a problem ever arises I can call Kristyl and she will not hesitate to go to battle for me  .

Kristyl came highly recommended by a friend of mine. I had a consultation with her and immediately hired her to take my case. I had a very challenging divorce that included a custody battle. Kristyl was very knowledgeable and kept me informed every step of the way. With her guidance and advice, I was able to get through my divorce and I believe that I am now in a much better place. I would not have been able to do this without her being by my side. I have recommended Kristyl to all my friends and family in need of a divorce attorney

Kristyl & her staff were a bright light in the dark journey through the judicial system. They were highly knowledgeable & professional on handling all our needs during this process. Would highly recommend Kristyl to anyone that wants a Mama bear on there side of the fight!
– D.M.

My divorce and custody situation was very unique to say the least. Without getting into too many details my son has special needs and him and his mother live many states away from Louisiana. Kristyl handled my situation with the care and great detail that was needed. I have nothing but good things to say about Kristyl and would be happy to refer her to anyone going through a divorce or a child custody situation.

I’m a father to a little girl and she got me a lot more time with my daughter. She’s honest and will give you the best advice. I’ve discussed my case with acquaintances and compared their situations with mine and I’m glad I chose her she’s really fighting for my little girls best interest I will always recommend Krystal to anyone in need of a family lawyer

We hired Kristyl for an intrafamily adoption that was being contested. Kristyl was extremely knowledgeable and professional, yet, very personable. Her and her office were quick to respond anytime we reached out, and the online application she uses once she is hired is amazing! It allows her and her team to easily keep you up to date on every step in the process, stores all paper work, and makes communication a breeze! Her passion for our case made me know she truly cares about what happened to my child and knowing this put me at such ease. Because of her hard work and passion we were successful with having our adoption granted!! We are so thankful and appreciative for all she did for our family!! We highly recommend Kristyl Treadaway for any family law services needed.

I don’t think I could have gotten through the divorce process without Kristyl! Going through separation and divorce with two small children is hard enough, but when you are faced with the legal process you must find someone that is well versed and reputable. From the moment I stepped into her office, I knew I was in good hands. Her wealth of knowledge, deep compassion and promptness are all qualities I could depend on. She made the process as seamless and was a pleasure to work with. While I hope to not have another divorce in the future, I do plan to utilize her services for my future legal needs. Kristyl is the very best!  Kimberly