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I let my daughter’s father take her for the summer to New Orleans where he resides.  I live in Illinois.  At the time we had no custody agreement and he refused to return my daughter and sued me for custody.  I hired Kristyl Treadaway.  She had never met me and worked with em for a couple months via e-mail and phone.  Ms. Treadaway had the same passion as I did to get my daughter returned to me, she was very understanding about the emotional distress involved in custody cases and really had my back throughout the whole process.  Sometimes it is hard to trust someone else with the fate of your child in these situations but she made it easy and I would forever trust her to help me in any other situation involving my child in Louisiana


Mrs. Treadaway was a pleasure from the start! She was very patient, a good listener and able to answer all of my questions (of which there were plenty). My divorce ended up being more complicated than we initially thought but Kristyl didn’t miss a beat. She has a keen eye for detail and a great memory, which you wouldn’t think are qualities to look for in an attorney but they definitely came in handy during such a trying time. She was a great asset and always had a plan for action. I recommend her to anyone looking for guidance to help navigate this complicated and emotionally draining period; she has the clear head to keep everything on track.

-Stephanie H.